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Take back control, stay focused, organised and achieve your goals! 

The Work Life Balance Journal has it all. It will help you free your mind, body and soul.


This Journal will help you create a vision for your life, define and break down your short and long-term goals in each area of your life. Use the weekly planner to prioritise and focus your energy on the important activities. Manage your time effectively and never miss a deadline/meeting again by using the weekly/daily planner to record these important tasks. Use the quarterly budget tracker to help you manage your finances and relieve the stress of miss money management.

Get more done and feel happier with the weekly check in pages. Bring more positive habits & rituals into your life. Improve your work-life balance and become your best self by setting goals in all the important areas of your life. Incorporate gratitude and affirmation techniques for a more inspired and happier everyday life. Record your feelings and thoughts weekly on the blank journal pages.


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